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Ambassador Program

In an effort to enhance safety options for college & university communities, many public safety departments are implementing a public safety Ambassador Program in geographic areas immediately surrounding campus property that contains predominantly high density off campus student housing. The primary purpose of the Ambassador Program is to provide high visibility and high proactive engagement with members of the community in the Ambassador Patrol Zone to enhance overall safety.  Ambassadors personify the face of these colleges and universities and often are the first point of contact for students, faculty, visitors, and the general public in and around these areas. Modes of transportation during an Ambassador’s patrol include foot, bicycle, and/or vehicle.

Essential Position Functions & Key Duties:

  • Ambassadors serve as additional eyes and ears to Public Safety Departments and local law enforcement agencies
  • Ambassadors are required to provide timely notifications to our Command Post on situations relative to hazards, suspicious persons/activity and medical/other emergencies
  • Ambassadors maintain reports to account for services they provide
  • Ambassadors are approachable, proactive, and aware of persons who appear lost or looking/in need of assistance. Contact is made with these persons and assistance is offered
  • Ambassadors provide the public with accurate directions, information, and assistance relative to that college or university students, faculty, and visitors​

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