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  • RMC Fundraising

  • Fall 2018

  • Fundraising Opportunity Selection Process

    Please review the available opportunities listed below with your group and decide in which opportunities your group would like to participate. Then submit this form with your selections. Here are a few key notes to keep in mind:

    • In order to submit the form, each field above must be completed.
    • When selecting opportunities below choose the number of people that you can guarantee will participate in each specific opportunity.
    • Once you submit the form, you will receive a receipt confirming your selections. We will then place a hold for your group on those dates. Space is limited for each event and we will try to accommodate everyone’s requests.
    • Some of the opportunities will fill quicker than others. As each event nears, we will contact you to confirm final numbers based upon our clients’ needs.
    • Please do not wait till the week of an event to put in your requests. By that time, most if not all opportunities will already be assigned to other groups.
  • Friday, August 31st

  • Saturday, September 1st

  • Sunday, September 2nd

  • Saturday, September 15th

  • Friday, September 21st

  • Saturday, September 22nd

  • Sunday, September 23rd

  • Friday, September 28th

  • Saturday, September 29th

  • Sunday, September 30th

  • Friday, October 5th

  • Saturday, October 6th

  • Sunday, October 7th

  • Saturday, October 20th

  • Saturday, October 27th

  • Sunday, October 28th

  • Saturday, November 10th

  • Saturday, November 17th

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