Linda Schmitt

Linda Schmitt

Executive Director of Human Resources

Linda currently serves as the Executive Director of Human Resources for RMC Events.  Her responsibilities are expansive and cover all aspects of our organizations recruiting, hiring, training, staff and supervisor development, and employee counseling and disciplinary action.  With over 1800 employees, her office is hopping on a daily basis.  

For the past 8 summer hiring seasons, Linda and her team have recruited, hired, and trained over 1500 staff members.  They have accomplished all this, while at the same time maintaining renewal training for our current staff members and offering hundreds of hours of development training for new and veteran supervisor staff.  

Linda is a certified General Instructor through the Department of Criminal Justice Service and serves as the Compliance Director for our organization as well.  Prior to joining RMC Events on a full time basis in 2005, Linda, along with her husband John, built two equally successful businesses in the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut area.  Since joining RMC Events, she has been both a catalyst of our growth and the driving force behind our solid, state-recognized training and development program.

Linda currenly resides in Glen Allen, Virginia and is a fan of broadway shows and concerts.  “One of the most enjoyable moments for me,” Linda explains, “is when I see a staff member working an event with a smile on their face, enjoying every moment of the wonderful benefits of this job.  I’ve got a front row seat to see these terrific people transition from potential job candidates, to new hires, to trainees, to the well trained, quality members of the RMC Family that they are today.”