Margaret Moore

Margaret Moore

Event Ops Receptionist
Eastern Region

Margaret currently serves as the Office Manager for our Richmond Headquarters location and has been with RMC Events since Day 1. Margaret was a supervisor on the Richmond Coliseum/SMGteam when Dan was also there and joined the RMC Events team from the very start in April of 1999. 

Margaret handles a wide range of duties daily in the office including scheduling of staff at several Richmond area client daily locations.  In addition to her event related responsibilities, Margaret is always the first to lend a hand to the Human Resource department during peak hiring season and to our Business Department whenever the need arises.  Getting things done, no matter whose responsibility, is Margaret’s specialty, along with her uncanny ability to keep everyone straight when needed! 

If you want to know anything about what’s going on in/around the office, be sure to check with Margaret first as she’s ALWAYS got the scoop!